House Fir is surrounded by mighty trees in a vast forest that inspires feelings of awe, and gives you a new feeling, a feeling to be one with a nature - think green. In the night time when everything is silent and peaceful, the stars are showing their beauty

House Pine is placed on the hill and it has a view on the meadows, fields and woods. It is 200 meters away from the house Fir. A little forest is between houses Fir and Pine, and gives you a feeling of intimacy and discretion.

Your holiday at Jelov Klanac will be unforgettable because of the nearness of Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Canyon of the River Korana, historical and ethnographic heritage of Rastoke and Caves of Barać, fresh air, springs of water and many forests.

Jelov Klanac is the place where you can experience harmony with nature because of its destination. There are many activities available, such as: taking walks or trips, riding a horse, photographing or collecting herbs, ...